SumMatch Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to find out which version of SumMatch Pro should I install? 32 or 64 bit?

You have to check which version of Excel you have installed on your computer. Make sure that the Excel add-in matches the bits and the version number of Excel installed on your computer. Please see the screenshots below for Excel 2010 (Fig.1) and 2013 (Fig.2) for illustrated guide how to check your Excel version.

Fig1. - Excel 2010 - Which SumMatch version do I need?

Fig2. - Excel 2013 - Which SumMatch version do I need?

Q2. I have not received an email after registering for Summatch PRO or SumMatch WEB.

Check your Junk/Bin folders. Also check with your administrator if your email server is blocking our emails. If the email is not there send us a message via our Contact or Support page. If possible provide an alternative email address as well.

Q3. Compare SumMatch Pro and Web. Which one should I use?

It depends on internet connectivity.
SumMatch Web does not require any installation or administration rights or Excel or Windows installed but be sure that you have copy and paste enabled from your Browser.

Q4. Do you customize SumMatch versions? Do you provide custom development?

We provide SumMatch  Enterprise services that allows users to add SumMatch Pro to their custom applications. Please contact us  for more details.

Q5. I have my data in a spreadsheet but SumMatch Pro is not finding matching combinations for my target value.

There may be a few different reasons for SumMatch Pro not finding matching combinations of numbers.
First make sure that the data in your Excel spreadsheet is what you expect it to be - often the spreadsheet data display is formated for users' viewing and the underlying data has slightly different values that the data displayed.
For example, if you formatted your numbers to display 2 decimal places, where you see 4.32 there may be more decimal places in the cell, for example 4.31999999999971. In this case you could round the numbers to the value you want using the ROUND Excel formula and then run SumMatch for the rounded values. Alternatively you could use the tolerance of 0.005 or whatever is the desired tolerance for your data. In general remember that the more significant digits your data has the more difficult it is to find matching combinations.
Another reason SumMatch Pro/Web may not find solutions is the difficulty level of the problem. Some data sets are difficult to solve. In this case it may help to use a different order for your results and/or limit the input data to a smaller subset.

Q6. I get the an error message when I try to install SumMatch PRO: "The files for installation requirements Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime could not be found. ..."
Please do the following:
  • Copy and paste the following to your browser address bar: "http[DELETE-THIS]://" and download the file  vstor_redist.exe to a folder (i.e. c:\temp).
  • Right-click on the file and select “Run as Administrator”. Follow the prompts to complete the installation of Visual Studio Tools for Office.
  • Install SumMatch. The installation should proceed without problems.

Q7. I have a new license number for SumMatch Pro and I want to activate it. How can I bring back the License Activation Window? Please try this:
  • Open SumMatch Pro and go to Subscription.
  • Click on Update Password in the menu and enter new blank password in the password textbox and click Update Password. This should set your password to blank and remove your previous license. Close SumMatch Pro.
  • Re-open SumMatch Pro and try to activate your license again using your current password - the same as you use for our website.

Q8. What do I need to enter as the User Name in SumMatch Pro activation screen?
  • The user name is your email address you used to register on our website.
  • The password is always you current password on our website.
Q9. How to install SumMatch PRO in a network computer for a user that is not an Administrator?
  • SumMatch License is per user. You need to give local Administrative rights to the user in the computer that SumMatch is going to be installed
  • Logon as a network administrator in the computer in particular and add the user to the local administrators group
  • Let the user install SumMatch. After the installation is complete Remove the user local administrator rights from the computer
  • Here is an example for a Windows 7 computer(on other windows version follow the Help available in the computer):
  • -Logon to the computer as a Network Administrator
  • -click on 'Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts
  • -Click on 'Give other users access to this computer'
  • -If the user already has a local account then click on the user name and then click Properties
  • -Click on the 'Group Membership' tag and change the user group to Administrator
  • -Click 'OK' twice to close the User Accounts screen
  • -If the user does not have a local account:
  • -On the User Accounts screen click on 'Add'
  • -Enter the User name and Domain or you can use the Browse button to find the user by clicking on 'Browse->Advanced->Find Now'
  • -Click OK to go back the 'Add New User' screen and click 'Next'
  • -Select the Administrator group and click 'Finish'
  • -Click 'OK' to close the User Accounts screen
  • -Logoff and logon the user to the computer and let the user install SumMatch
  • -Once the installation is complete, remove the user administrator rights following the same procedure, then logoff and logon the user.
  • -This completes the procedure.The user can now work with SumMatch with only network user rights

Q10. Registration for trial version is not working. I cannot use my trial Period

      Be sure that you follow the prompts when you register for SumMatch PRO:

  • Download and Install SumMatch PRO in your computer.
  • Start SumMatch PRO and follow the link to Register
  • Enter a valid email address (required to validate your Registration -Check our Privacy Policy- ) and password
  • Wait for validation email and click on the link. That will enable your trial version
  • You can now start using SumMatch PRO by entering your email address and password
  • If you experience any registration problems please contact support or leave a message through our contact page


  For SumMatch WEB: 

  • Follow the 'Try' link on any of the SumMatch WEB tags
  • On the Registration page, enter a valid email address (required to validate your Registration -Check our Privacy Policy- ) and password
  • Wait for the validation email and click on the link. That will enable your trial version
  • You can now start using SumMatch WEB by entering your email address and password: Home page under Registered Customers Login
  • If you experience any registration problems please contact support or leave a message through our contact page