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Use your browser to identify numbers contributing to your target sum
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Note: Please use '.' (point) as a decimal separator and ',' (comma) as an optional thousands separator
  • SumMatch Web finds all combinations of numbers that add up to your given sum.
  • You can select in which order the sum matching combinations are delivered.
  • Available order options are: No order, Order by proximity to your target sum, Order by number of summands in your sum.
  • SumMatch Web can work with up to 500 input numbers.
  • SumMatch Web uses the same powerful matching engine as SumMatch Pro.
  • SumMatch Web is a web application. No downloads or installations!
  • You don't need to have MS Excel and MS Windows to use it.
  • All you need is your browser and registration credentials.
  • SumMatch Web will match invoices to payments records, will help with account reconciliations and other applications seeking to identify numbers that add up to a target sum.