Need to find large groups of numbers
that add up to a target sum?
SumMatch® Pro is an Excel®Add-in that allows users to select a large number of cells from a worksheet and quickly find combinations of numbers that add up to a target sum.
SumMatch® Pro handles up to 500 input numbers.
The solutions - that is the combinations of numbers from the given input range that add up to the target value are displayed in the solutions panel. Each solution is represented by a hyperlink.
When users click on a hyperlink in the panel the corresponding combination of cells is highlighted.
Users can select in which order the sum matching combinations are delivered.
You may request that the solutions with the largest number of cells included should show up first at the top of the solutions panel or if you allow certain tolerance for the target match the combinations that are closest to the target sum will appear first in the solutions panel.  
Users can navigate through the pages of delivered cells combinations.  Click here to see licensing options.
You can find more information about the problem of finding numbers in sum here.


Watch SumMatch® Pro finding solutions from a group of 500 numbers: 
2500 combinations!
SumMatch® Pro
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